CAE Company Kick-Off

A digital approach for a high tech company

During a project call with our sister company, Purple Group, we learned of a client that was going to organise, invite attendees and manage their company kick off event using excel.

Don’t get me wrong, excel in the right hands is a powerful tool but it can often lead to multiple spreadsheets, workbooks, versions and variations. There is a better and more professional way.

The client had a small internal project team for the event (2 people) and a company directory of about 270 people, all being invited to their inaugural company ‘kick-off’ and year end celebration. We knew we could help.

Our initial discussion identified what they wanted. Event registration and tracking, session registration and tracking, badging and an activity that could be used as an ice-breaker.

Event registration and Session registration was easy. We provided a personalised version of our almost out of the box applications that allowed staff to register for the event, receive confirmation emails and get details of what to expect on the day – an outline agenda. Some customisation of the app was needed to correctly brand and add the venue, event specific details and it was ready.

Session registration is always a bit more complex. The principle is the same, but the information is more detailed and likely to change. This customer wanted to have 3 different tracks, aimed at specific employee groups, easy. The customer wanted to know when sessions were full and be able to guide attendees to other sessions or put them on a wait list. Easy. The devil is in the detail. Purple Realtime created a session registration site as a child of the first and invited registered attendees to select their preferred track. From there they were provided with a personalised agenda, accessed by URL or QR code.

Providing a badging solution was simple as the registration system easily feeds the badging application. They chose to have the badging managed and only had to sign off the layout and graphics used. Their only request was that we used a Eco-friendly option for the ‘plastic’ badges. Fortunately, the supplier did have a bio-degradable plastic badge product which we used.

The ice-breaking challenge was…. A challenge. We needed to come up with an idea that would encourage staff to interact with each other. There was an additional challenge that the venue chosen, a converted country house, was a maze of corridors and session rooms that could cause attendees to get lost. We came up with ‘The QR Game’

The QR Game concept. On the basis that (nearly) everybody has a smartphone, the phone can be used to scan a QR code. The concept was to use the personal QR codes printed on the badges and a find a few hidden bonus codes would create a fun and competitive game. Employees were encouraged to ‘find Andre’ a picture of their CEO that had a QR code on it. Finding Andre will provide points. Finding all Andres, provided bonus points. They were also encouraged to scan each other. Not just their peers, but anybody and everybody. The more scans, the more points. Extra points were awarded for finding people in multiple departments as well.

Playing progress was shown on a series of screen leader boards around the venue, so everyone could keep check of their colleagues. The game was very well received and we plan to re-skin the game for other events.

The beauty of our software and the team we have is the flexibility and adaptability to different environments. In the event world, one size doesn’t fit all. The same is boring. We created a solution for a customer need, we linked it to their event environment and delivered something bespoke but reusable.


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