QR Code Hunting

A fun ice breaker game

We were set a challenge. How can you get a company at an internal event with 200 plus attendees to talk to each other? A company of that size, friends and immediate colleagues tend to clump together. If they normally have no interaction with other departments, why would that change at an event. You stay with your friends.

Our client wanted to come up with a fun way of getting their employees to interact with each other, Explore the venue a bit and provide a bit of competition. What we came up with was the “Find Andre! QR Game”

The QR Game concept was for attendees to scan each other, find pictures of Andre their Head of Marketing and score points. More scans, more points.

On the basis that (nearly) everybody has a smartphone, the phone can be used to scan a QR code. We suggested that everyone was encouraged to use the personal QR codes printed on the badges and a find a few hidden bonus codes would create a fun and competitive game. Employees were encouraged to ‘find Andre’ that had a QR code on it, 12 were placed around the venue in session rooms being used and in common areas. Finding Andre will add points. Finding all Andres, added bonus points. They were also encouraged to scan each other. Not just their peers, but anybody and everybody. The more scans, the more points.

Extra points were awarded for finding people in other departments. Get 5 different departments, bonus! Get all department categories, big bonus!

Playing progress was shown on a series of tv screen leader boards around the venue, so everyone could keep check of their colleagues. The game was very well received.

The winner, as it turned out had been scanning badges at the registration table while the badges were still in the boxes. There was some debate as to whether he was innovative or cheating!

We are able to re-skin the game for other events and adapt the rules or use for similar groups. Proposals so far have included an offsite team meeting of 20 people where the ‘find Andre’ principle is used in the context of a scavenger hunt. After finding a predetermined number of locations / pictures via clues, the players get a popup notification of the location of their evening restaurant. Another option is “Find Christmas” using the same principle of points scoring and pictures of seasonal items, each with a QR code.

All of this is web based. Dynamic and flexible to meet the client’s needs and with no app to download. It is available immediately via a standard browser and camera on today’s smartphones.


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