Network and IT Expertise

Rock solid Networks and IT support for events or SMB’s.

Purple Realtime have a depth of knowledge at their disposal to help other small businesses with their IT services.

Coming from the event industry where technology and innovation are at the forefront the staff at Realtime know and understand computer networking, security and firewalls, cloud-based email systems and VoIP telephony.

Realtime have also been part of the Cisco Systems Developer network and have done a number of application to application integrations so solve a particular customer’s service needs.

Networks at events are always a challenge with regard to capacity, availability, or even just understanding how to fit a network that works into an unfamiliar space. Using Realtime’s expertise can validate a client’s networking requirements and map to the available services at the venue. This may be just a network site survey; filling in the right forms to get the right service, providing switches, routers or cabling for event use or providing a full wifi overlay service or bespoke networking environment.

For IT services, Realtime have deployed Office 365 mail, OneDrive and SharePoint, GoogleMail and Google Docs for customers as well as general network and PC support. Realtime can advise on IT services for new businesses and small business and provide support services as required.

Realtime already provide support for a number of hotels and businesses in the Portsmouth area, supporting their WiFi, computer networks and CCTV services.

Network and IT Expertise

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us or if you would like to talk to us about our previous work, we would love to hear from you.