Event Web Applications

Making event technology seamless and a joy to use.

Being born within the event industry, Purple Realtime have a very good understanding of how events work and what clients and attendees look for. Realtime have developed and continue to develop a suite of web-based applications specific to creating and managing events large or small.

The current application suite comprises of web-based event attendee registration, session registration, badging and attendee scanning as well as bespoke solutions for Q+A, feedback and attendee reporting.

Most of the applications are attendee facing but manage the event management and logistics. The ethos of Realtime is to keep it clean and simple. Provide the information for the attendee in a way that is easy to navigate and easy to access – no temporary device apps to download or long lead times to create and deliver something that will only be used once.

Event Registration

A web application that will invite, register and confirm a delegate attendance to an event. The event may be anything from a small internal meeting to a large company or public exhibition.

Session Registration

As in many events, the many tracks and sessions can be a complex set of tasks to manage. Realtime have create a web application that takes the agenda options and creates a logic and user experience to allow delegate to select and create their own personal agenda. This agenda can then be emailed to them and is easily accessed using personal QR codes to access their agenda via any browser on any device.

Session Scanning

Realtime have created and built scanning devices to allow self-scan of personalised QR codes. This registers attendees and delegates into their sessions or can be used as part of the attendee registration process. See our self-scan case study for information about the scanner units.

Interactive Q+A

Having Q+A within an event presentation session can be disrupting or time consuming. The Realtime Q+A web app allows audience members to pose questions to a panel or the presenter via a web application interface. The app allows questions to be prioritised or filtered as necessary and then posted to the stage during the formal Q+A slot.


Everybody wants feedback whether it is good or bad. It is the mechanism to measure relevance and return on event investment. Realtime’s feedback module again uses QR code technology to take attendees straight to the feedback web application where a simple set of questions can be posed and answered before the attendee leaves the room.

Bespoke applications

One size doesn’t fit all. For every event there is always a unique twist on something. Realtime’s responsive approach allows new web applications to be built, often at short notice, to fill a need, provide a game or interaction or deliver something new to the attendees. Contacts us if this sound like something we can do for your event.

Event web applications

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us or if you would like to talk to us about our previous work, we would love to hear from you.